Spring clean your closet

A new season, new resolutions, and the perfect time for a spring clean of our wardrobes.

How many women (and some men) look in their wardrobes and say “they have nothing to wear” as they gaze at a wardrobe groaning with clothes! Our other halves and families look with disbelief as they look at all those clothes and think we’re exaggerating when we say we have nothing to wear. What we’re really saying is, we do not have the right clothes – so let’s not clutter our homes with wardrobes full of things that do not look good on us and instead let’s have clothes that do work well for us – make us look good and feel great.

To spring clean the closet, take EVERYTHING out and then examine each piece before putting it back. This is a wardrobe audit aimed at simplifying and organising what we wear. Try on each piece to see if it fits well, needs washing/drycleaning/mending. If, what you see in the privacy of your own closet does not make a good impression on you, you will never feel confident and empowered when you wear it!

This exercise is about letting go of what no longer works for you and making room for what really enhances your style. You don’t keep food in the pantry that is past it “use by” date, so why keep clothes that are past it. However for clothes, it is not the age of the clothes, but how they look on you. Sadly it may be the sale item you bought last month that is not working for you and needs to go; but the exquisite evening top you bought from a vintage shop three years ago still looks fantastic.

Examine each piece and ask …

Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it support my life style? Does it need to be repaired? Does it have positive or negative memories? If you have answered no to any of the first three questions, then let it go. Decide whether to sell it or give it away. There are excellent re-cycle shops in The Darling’s circulation area, or sell them on the internet. 

The clothes you put back in your wardrobe must have earned that place. You probably choose carefully what else you store in your home, but somehow clothes we just let them clutter the closet.

Choose the wardrobe plan or system that suits you best. Some people hang their clothes in colour categories, but my preference is to hang them in categories. So put the jackets together, trousers together, shirts together, tops next to each other and so on. You may like to separate work and weekend wear. If you hang by category you can see the exciting new ways of combining pieces. Isn’t it amazing how often you can find a great combination when your favourite combo is in the wash. Buy good hangers – the rule is the heavier the garment, the stronger/larger the hanger.

If you have a walk-in wardrobe make sure your clothes are protected against sunlight. The sun shining on one shoulder of a jacket can ruin it.
Knitwear is best folded rather than hung.

Spring is the perfect time to clear out your wardrobe, and leave space for the wonderful colourful and floral fashions of spring/summer.

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