What shape and garment length will flatter and enhance you?

A few centimetres or changed angle can make a huge difference. Discover how you can dress to appear slimmer. Learn how to highlight your best features and conceal figure challenges - we all have them.

Do you wonder What Not to Wear? What is right for you?

The answers will be revealed by scientific analysis - without a tape measure on you. This has nothing to do with weight. It is about bone structure and proportion. And you can keep your clothes on!

One and half hour consultation includes:

  • personalised notes
  • complimentary email follow-up
  • $230.00 GST inclusive

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Had your Style analysis done some years ago, but need a refresher to help you interpret your style for for today’s trends?

  • one hour refresher consultation
  • personalised notes
  • $115.00 GST inclusive

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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

"Susan’s advice is down to-earth, practical and empowering, and I did not have to replace my whole wardrobe."

- Kenina, Albany