You can look great NOW!

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your ideal weight before treating yourself with wardrobe advice. 

Style and colour consultations are nothing to do with size or weight. Wearing the right colours, for example, will enhance your skin tone and give you an instant lift. The style and line analysis has nothing to do with weight - it is about your vertical proportion, the distance between the top of your head and your toes. That explains the right length to flatter you - it is all about slenderising illusions to make you look good NOW.


  • Colour and Style Analysis and Two Hours Shopping: $650.00
  • Can be booked on one day or taken over two appointments

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"The feedback has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE from the group. They cannot stop singing your praises - overwhelmed with your advice! They thoroughly enjoyed your visit and stated 'it was worth every cent'.' You are awesome - thank you so much for coming."

- Kirsty Wilson, Westland Highland School, Hokitika