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Do you do extreme makeovers?

I see what I do as teaching a life skill, not doing a magic makeover, which may only last a few hours, or - as in some of the television shows - spending tens of thousands of dollars on dental and facial procedures. 
The service I offer is about making the most of your colouring, shape and hair, and knowing how to maintain that optimum look within the reality of each person’s lifestyle and budget.

Who are your clients?

I will never name my clients, confidentiality is top of my code of ethics. I have been privileged to work with people from every walk of life and all ages - from teenagers through to women in their late 70s. The career range of my male clients has been tow truck driver to Members of Parliament and CEOs. My female clients range from students and at-home Mums to MPs and CEOs. I’ve also had a number of clients from the armed services, who have spent their working lives in uniforms and are not sure what clothes suit them or where to shop when they leave to begin civilian careers. Some of my clients are blind and rely on assistance with their wardrobes.

I feel nervous about coming to see you.

Many people do feel nervous about the process until they start - and then they are so thrilled to be learning a new skill that will help them throughout their life. It is not a critical experience, it is an empowering one to help YOU make the very most of yourself. Most people leave saying: “I wish I’d done this years ago.”

Do I get a say in where we shop?

Yes, you certainly do. Together we work out the best shops for the sort of clothes you need and the price range you want to spend. I am totally independent and not connected to any store, label or brand. I am working for YOU, to ensure you have a wardrobe that works for you.

What happens if I do not like the clothes you select for me?

There is NO pressure to buy anything you don’t like. It is vital that you like the garments we choose, otherwise you won’t wear them. My role is to guide you to clothes that work for you and explain why I’ve chosen them, but the final decision is always yours.

How much money do I need for a shopping trip?

That is entirely up to you - we can shop at Glassons or Hallensteins, middle-range chain stores or top designer labels. It does not matter to me what your budget is, and I strongly believe you do not need to spend a fortune to look great. It’s not how much you spend, but what you spend it on. If the clothes are the right colours, suit your shape and fit you properly, you’ll look fantastic.

As a colourist why do you wear black?

First, it is one of my best colours; and second, when I’m working closely with another person, I do not want my clothing to detract from the client’s. The experience is all about them, not me.

My friends tell me I’m extravagant if I shop with a personal stylist.

If you’re 100% happy with all your clothes and your appearance, you only need a personal shopper if you are too busy to continue shopping for yourself.

However, if you have clothes in your wardrobe that you’ve bought and never wear, then how much more money are you prepared to waste and not be totally happy with your look?

How does shopping with a stylist differ from shopping with my best friend?

Your best friend knows you, but she probably is not a trained colour and style expert and not a trained personal shopper and, believe me, there is a big difference. The trained image consultant is totally focussed on YOU and knows exactly what to look for to suit YOU. She is quick, efficient and professional.

What can you offer that I cannot do for myself?

I can teach you the colours and shapes that work for you and give you a blueprint for your wardrobe. I can take the stress and question marks out of shopping for you. With an extensive knowledge of fashion shops and labels I can introduce you to new stores, where you have not been before. I give you professional advice on all garments you try on - I am not like a shop assistant, who wants to make a sale - I am working for YOU to make sure you get the best clothes for you. I will do all the running in and out of the changing rooms for you and seek out more combinations.

How do I develop my own style?

It’s about knowing what really suits your colouring and your shape and being confident that those garments really work for you. If you LOVE something, that’s your style - start trusting your gut instinct. Dress YOUR body and go for clothes that APPEAL to you.

Can you give me a list of must-haves for my wardrobe?

The most successful wardrobes have clothes that suit you and work for your lifestyle. I don’t believe in those lists of the season’s must-haves that we read in magazines. The real must-haves are what make you look your best and you feel comfortable in. A winning wardrobe only has garments that suit your colouring, shape, lifestyle, budget and personality.

I’m on a diet, I’ll wait until I’ve reached my goal.

The colours and style consultations have nothing to do with weight. So why not give yourself some extra encouragement and wear the colours and styles that suit you? When you reach your goal weight, reward yourself with a shopping experience.

Will you tell me I have to wear heels?

No, it is not my style to tell you that you have to wear anything. If you are not comfortable in heels there is no point wearing them. This is not an endurance test, it is about developing a style that you enjoy. Comfort is very important. It is hard to have a winning smile, if your feet are hurting!