Testimonials from transformed clients - increased confidence, improved self-esteem and value for money are the main benefits of an appointment with Your Style.

"I am really enjoying my new clothes. Had so many comments & they've given me more confidence too." - Glenys, Paihia.

"Thanks very much for your assistance today - I am really pleased with what we bought. It was a good reminder that, despite carrying some additional weight, I can still look and feel great by having the right clothes."- Liz, Mt Maunganui.

"I went shopping today and bought a lovely top - in just the right colour and style for me. Thanks so much- I am much more efficient now!" - Nicola, West Auckland .

"I loved my time with you and you make the shopping process just so much less stressful." Sarah, Ponsonby.

"Thank you so much for helping me choose such lovely clothes. I love them all. I'm even more motivated to find a job. Once I get a good job, 'going shopping with Susan' will be on my to-do list for sure. 
I'm amazed at your good memory, attention to details and how efficient you are, and you're such a wonderful person to be around with. I had a great time shopping with you today. Thank you so much." - Amy, Albany

"Thank you so much, I really enjoyed my afternoon with you. I was so excited when I got home, headed straight for my wardrobe, took everything out and "interviewed" each piece one by one.  I now have a very organised wardrobe with only garments that do me proud!! I managed to go shopping yesterday - oh you would have been so proud of me!  I did exactly what we did when we were together, interviewed each garment, tried on what was worth trying on and bought what passed all the tests. I have been wearing my new garments and invested in a new lip pencil and lipstick (so many positive comments from clients). 
I am looking at colour with new eyes - am feeling really confident about my colours. Bought a fab scarf - in all my colours - I just love." - Liz, Glendowie.

"Many thanks for an inspiring and educational few hours with you last week." - Kathy, Whangarei.

"I have become so much more confident in myself and people seem to respond really well.  I can tell when I get an outfit right, people do really notice and seem friendlier and want to listen to what I say. Shopping now is easier." - Mary, Chatham Islands .

"Thank you for a great consultation. I really, really enjoyed the whole experience, and have raved about it ever since. I am ready to get out there with notes in my bag for guidance. Thanks again for one of the best value appointments I've ever had." - Suzanne, Torbay .

"Thank you for the shopping trip - so much less stressful than I had dared to hope and everything got the thumbs up from my husband and my daughter - whose surprise that you do know what you were talking about made me smile! 
I love my handbag - just the right size and the strap is really comfortable.
I went shopping on my own today and understood why certain garments were not right, So instead of coming out feeling despondent and 'why can't I ever find anything?' - I knew what the problem was and felt confident that I would be able to find something that did look nice." - Melanie, Castor Bay

"Thank you so much for everything today, it was wonderful.  It has given me so much confidence and started me off in knowing what will work and what wont! You are so lovely and warm.  I felt so comfortable with you." - Lisa, Pakuranga.

"Thank you for all your help, I really appreciated it! Am feeling a lot more confident and have been quietly absorbing all the information you gave me - it was amazing." - Janine, Auckland City.

"I love wearing my new wardrobe and take a totally different approach when browsing in stores.  I love the way I now have direction when shopping.  Keep up the great work." - Bronwyn, Whangarei.

"I felt so good when I left and believe you have a wonderful way with increasing people's self esteem and you're such a good listener. I felt really affirmed as a person. So thank you for that." - Liz, Takapuna

"Mum is a new woman thanks to you! I have never known her to be so relaxed after buying clothes. She feels confident with her purchases. You really did work magic for her and you were so patient and kind to her during the process." - Sarah, Hawke's Bay.

"The feedback has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE from the group. They cannot stop singing your praises - overwhelmed with your advice! They thoroughly enjoyed your visit and stated 'it was worth every cent'.' You are awesome - thank you so much for coming." - Kirsty Wilson, Westland Highland School, Hokitika.

"The outfit was just perfect, I felt confident in what I was wearing. And my daughter - who is my most honest critic- told me my new jeans make me look slim!  Music to my ears.  Thanks so much for your very clever imput. Worth every penny it was, next time I feel the need to clothes shop I will employ your services again." - Judy, Takapuna.

"Can't thank you enough. You are a totally delightful person and made the whole experience so easy and fun." - Jen, Waihi.

"Thank you for such an inspiring and fun afternoon! We all loved it and got so much out of it. I have been very excited about getting dressed most days since, and loved looking at the shops again in a new light! So thank you for all your time and energy and wisdom we soaked up, it will be forever helpful in our endeavors to look our best." - Sarah, Wellington .

“I left the consultation with a great sense of purpose and knowledge.” - Beth, Hamilton

“Not knowing what to expect, I was very excited and a little nervous, but you exceeded all my expectations and the entire experience was extremely enjoyable! I now have such clarity on what suits me.” - Anne-Marie, Remuera

“Thank you for this afternoon's session. You were good! I loved your general ideas, but also your small tips along the way, e.g. the "how-to-iron-a-collar" tip....heavens I should know that by now!!...it's always amazing how much there is to learn in life!” - Peggy, Hamilton

“I wore my suede jacket for every seminar I did on my trip and just recently in California. I really love it and want to thank you for choosing it for me. The green jacket has arrived and I love that too. I'm having all my pants refitted to your specifications. I can’t thank you enough and hope we can go shopping again." - Jane Iredale, California, USA

“I feel much more confident about what I need to do and am even looking forward to going shopping this weekend. This was just what I needed to take myself in hand – it made me realise how little time I actually spend thinking about me. It was wonderful to meet you. You have a wonderful job. It must be so positive to help people to feel good about themselves.”
- Pam, Takapuna

“I really appreciated your emphasis that it's not about how much you spend on clothes but what you do with them. I also liked the 'small' tips like the bra/hair tie/lip gloss etc. I can see those seemingly small things will make quite a difference.” - Michelle, Wanaka

“We would like to thank you once again for the great two days we spent with you. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, you were just wonderful in the way you made shopping painless and stress free.” - Julie, Taumaranui

“Was thinking about what we bought and what we did not. Several things you suggested (with all your expertise) I balked at initially, BUT after due consideration, could see what you were getting at, how you were changing my views on some things..... very good. For instance, the necklace - you found and kept it in your little hot hand, quietly suggesting that it would, in one go, provide several outfits with a necklace, given the different colours. I did not initially like it, BUT "after due consideration".....etc. Well done Susan. All this to say, that I did so enjoy our day. You are good company, as well as a very good guide. AND you are very efficient.” - Peggy, Westmere

“My boss is delighted with my new look. It is just what she wanted.” - - Deb, Parnell

“You gave me some tools I believe will be helpful as Miss Auckland and for myself.” - Tamara Glynn, Miss Auckland 2000-2001

“Thank you so much for yesterday - had a great time and I love the clothes - they will be perfect for my trip. There is no way I could have got such nice things and so quickly without your help.” - Sam, Remuera

“I’m amazed at how much better I feel about myself. I feel in more control – it has had quite a flow on effect with my self esteem. I found you very warm and approachable and that I could totally trust your judgment. So thank you for that.” - Liz, Takapuna

“Saturday morning was such a learning curve for me – thank you. It was fun and I learned an awful lot. I should have done it years ago!! I could not believe when we went shopping we got an entire season’s wardrobe. I had been to the same shops a few days earlier and did not even see the clothes you so wisely selected for me.” - Linda, Devonport.

“Thanks so much for Thursday - I really enjoyed the time I spent with you. I appreciated the advice you gave me and that you really listened to what I wanted from the time and that you took that on board. It helps that you're an easy person to relate to”. - Rachel, Sunshine Coast

“Between having you and a wedding planner I think I must have had one of the 
lowest stress weddings in history! All we had to do was turn up.” - Amanda, Newton.

" All clients I have referred to Susan have valued her non-judgmental and sensitive approach. They have reported significant increases in self confidence as the result of Susan’s advice and assistance with their wardrobes and grooming. They have also reported reduced stress about day to day decisions about what to wear. The positive feedback from others about their appearance has also been a factor in their increased confidence. " - Dr. Suzanne Blackwell, Clinical Psychologist

“A big thank you for everything you did for me- I feel so much more confident and more in control when I am shopping now. I so enjoyed my time I spent with you Susan- you made me feel really good about myself and you are a very giving person. Thank you for your inspiration and motivation.” - Coral, Northcote

“I was thrilled with my new purchases yesterday. I feel like a new woman! You are very clever to be able to so quickly pick out things that will suit. I am delighted with the sunglasses, and great that I did not have to spend heaps of money. I really had no idea at all what suited me, so great to learn from the expert. Worth every penny it was, next time I feel the need to clothes shop I will employ your services again.” Judy, North Shore

“ Thank you for today. It was great fun and very positive and self affirmative.” Olivia, Auckland Central

Mum and I just wanted to send a huge THANK-YOU from the both of us. We have already sorted through our wardrobes. It’s great that we can discuss why things do and don’t work. We both really enjoyed the session- but more importantly both learnt a lot and feel more confident in choosing clothes and wearing things that we know will feel good.” - Marie and Anna, Rotorua

“I got a lot out of the consultation and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I went shopping I found it is now a totally different shopping experience. Having a focus and knowing exactly what to look for made the shopping more pleasurable, especially as it’s something I don’t really enjoy that much.” - Juliet, Whangarei

“I trusted Susan completely for wardrobe and style advice and was delighted with the outcome. Her friendly, unintrusive service saves time, avoids costly mistakes and represents excellent value. My wife and I were delighted with the result of your efforts and I have received many positive comments in the workplace.” - Mike Dennehy, MD Vision Computing, Mt Maunganui.

“I have had a great time liberating my wardrobe and am excited to wear the new creations. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience – you are great to work with.” - Jo, Albany.

“I now feel my wardrobe works really well and I am so much more confident. With the new clothes we bought I am now starting to put clothes together differently and mix and match with pieces in my wardrobe.” - Jane, Howick.

“Thank you for your knowledgeable and commonsense approach to my wardrobe needs.” - Wayne, Devonport.

“Thank you very much for a very informative session. Those little tips you shared with me are invaluable – confirmation of things I was half aware of has made a difference. I now look at my wardrobe in a new light.” - Jacquie, Remuera.

“I feel I have a better understanding of my body shape and what I am looking for to compliment it. I enjoyed your relaxed style and appreciated your being able to visit.” - Lesley, Westmere.

“I hadn’t felt so good in clothes for a long time. I felt confident, relaxed and knew I could mix and match what I’d bought and achieve different looks. The best part was I didn’t even have to look through the clothes racks and I wouldn’t have chosen any of the clothes Susan selected, and I loved everything she chose.” - Debbie, Cambridge.

“The day after I saw you, I stepped inside a shop and knew what to buy, it was absolutely wonderful.” - Glenys, Birkenhead.

“Thank you so much for all your patience, inspiration and expertise on choosing my wedding outfit. I’m getting continual enjoyment from wearing it afterwards in the different ways you suggested,” - Helen, Howick.

“I’m very happy with my new work wardrobe. Thank you for your invaluable help,” - Simon, Mt Eden.

“Thank you so much, Susan, for helping me feel fabulous,” - Janet, Mairangi Bay.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and came away with renewed confidence in shopping for clothes, thank you.” - Val, Hamilton.

“I could not believe the difference Susan’s choice of lipstick and accessories made to me in a couple of hours. The improvement was instanteouos.” - Chris, Melbourne

“I must tell you how I felt after reading the article in Sunday Star Times "do ya think I'm sixty?" I immediately thought that I must tell Susan that thanks to her I certainly don't feel sixty. All my lovely gorgeous clothes that I have so much fun with and which always make me feel so young and confident - there's no "frumpsville" for me!” - Jan, Campbells Bay.