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What does it mean to ‘get your colours done’?

Colour is the no cost part of your wardrobe ...

Your Style and Bloke's Bible

My pick for best dressed Kiwi man is… what an indictment on our society - no one springs to mind easily.

Help at hand with a style makeover

Personal shoppers as marriage counsellors...

Wonderful working wardrobes

You are what you wear. Or at least, sometimes.

Spring clean your closet

A new season, new resolutions, and the perfect time for a spring clean of our wardrobes.

Colour is a NO cost item in your wardrobe

Colour is a NO cost item in your wardrobe. Whether you buy a red, blue or white shirt the price will be similar.

Wear What You Like to Work

What to wear? Pin stripes or polka dots? Patent leather or canvas?

Figuring out your style

Getting the once-over from an appearance expert gives Gill South the confidence to put her best foot forward.

Susan Axford: personal shopper extraordinaire

Susan Axford is an A-lister stylist with a dedication to making her clients feel better about themselves.

Winning the Wardrobe War

Is there anything as aggravating as our clothes?